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Energía sostenible


Energy is produced on site by solar panels and stored on batteries for use at night.

As a result, our Air Conditioner use is limited to the energy captured and stored in the batteries.


Hot water

PTo heat the water we use a combination of solar heaters and electric heaters. The hot water storage capacity is 460 liters of hot water per building (4 rooms). 

Like the rest of the property, the electric heaters work with solar energy and batteries during the night. During cloudy days hot water is limited.

Vasos de agua


All the water used in the facilities is treated to be used in the irrigation of the gardens.

Additionally, the roofs incorporate a rainwater collection system.

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As much as possible, we acquire supplies that don't have packaging, there is no single-use plastic in our processes, and the organic matter is composted.  ​

We are united with the Zero Waste movement.

In case it cannot be reduced or reused, we recycle our waste.

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El sándwich perfecto vegano


The foods that are prepared in our kitchen are vegan, thus helping the health of our guests and the health of our planet Earth.

Ingredients are acquired from local producers.

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We perform the following activities constantly to improve the environment of our community:

  • Support for public charitable associations such as:

    • Cerritos Beach Dogs

    • Pescadero Fire Department

    • The Godfather

    • Fishmonger Food Bank

  • Public area cleaning brigades,

  • Consumption of local products,

  • Delivery of bicycles to the community,

  • Public fresh water source for the community,

  • Provision and collection of garbage in public areas.

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Ciclismo junto a la playa


Please suggest new ways to be sustainable, we want to know your opinion and continue improving our environment.

Thank you for your message!

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